School Photographs

We think that this is probably the earliest photograph of Stretton School taken around 1918 or so. What we do know is that Joseph Sidebotham is on the back row third one in. Joseph was born at Stockley Cottage in 1908. The school master was probably Joseph Ellison who would have been in his late 50s when this photograph was taken. He retired shortly afterwards and Ernest Boulton took over – see below.


The following two photographs are copies of two school photographs taken around 1920. They were owned by Thomas Savage who was born in 1912. Some 90 years later he could still recall the names of all the children in this photo and the next.

Stretton School around 1920

James Savage; Peter Brocklehurst; Jack Sragg; John Allen Done; Frank Savage
Dorothy Done; Mabel Gresty; Lily Broady; Anne Frith; Dorothy Brocklehurst
Jack Lawson; Joe Wilkinson; William Bettles; Eric Wrench.

The pupils are as follows:
Cyril Hewitt; Edward Lafferty; Walter Cook; Bertram Mather; Vincent Broady
Frank Barker; Ronald Simpson; Gilbert Vernon; James Howard; Leslie Taylor; Charles Dean
Ada Mills; Elizabeth Lafferty; Leah Owen; Hilda Mather; Kathleen Maddock; Mabel Haddock.
Thomas Savage; Walter Dean; George Newton; Robert Hewitt

The schoolmaster on the left was E.W. Boulton, and the gentleman on the right was Rev. Charles Francis Cross, the vicar of St. Matthews church.

The photograph below is of poor quality but the names are clearly recognisable. It is thought to have been taken a few years earlier than the one above – around 1913.

School Photo 1913

T Cook; Harry Savage; T Cooper; Frank Cotterill; Ernest Povey;
Walter Lafferty; E Clark; T Cooper; William Dooley; Leslie Rose
C Russell; Elsie Lawson; D Broady; D Fowles; L Page; WM Brocklehurst
Bessie Dooley; May Simpson: O Mather; Eveline Bostock; F Greaves
The head teachers are John Ellison and Miss Ellison

This photograph was taken around 1929. The pupils are as follows:

stretton school 4 renamed

Blackshaw Barber; Norman Cook; Gordon Robinson; Willie Woods; Arthur Carman; Miss Griffiths; Frank Bibby; John Wilkinson; ?Doug Wood; Frank Lawson: Richard Gibson
Nellie Smith; Edith Moores; Joan Berry; Matty Miller; Evelyn Heesom; Doris Smith; Doris Capper; Lilian Gleave
Robert Smith; Sam Heesom; Rene Wilkinson; Norman Simpson; Ken Gleave

The following photograph containing many of the same pupils as the one above was taken about six years later:

stretton school 3 renamed

Fred Dutton; Ken Gleave; Frank Bibby; Norman Cook; Bill Cliffe; Ken Cotterill; Norman Simpson
Jean Maddock; Brenda Lloyd; Marion Peace; Evelyn Heesom; Edna Pitcher; Matty Miller; Margaret Bradbury; June Bolton; May Bramwell
Dorothy Garnet; May Done; Stella Mills; Arthur Carmen; Rene Wilkinson; Catherine Tweedle; Gwen Dean; Nora Bramwell
Gordon Robinson; Richard Gibson; Ron Smith; Sam Heesom

1937 Stretton School Photo from Wade Dooley

With grateful thanks to Wade for this photograph taken in 1936 and  shows his father Geoff Dooley aged six 6 stood back row next to teacher and his sister Barbara aged 7 three rows back from front far left with the necklace.  If anyone can shed any light on the names of the teachers or other pupils, please do get in touch.

Heather (nee Heesom) has kindly supplied this photo from the mid 1940s:

stretton school 2 renamed

Back row: Ray Hawkins; Dave Beck; John Clayton; Harvey Deakin

Mrs Davis; Eric Hamilton; Dennis Jones; John Heesom;  not known; Geoff Woodcock;

Not known; Ruth Brocklehurst; Brenda Merril; unknown Deakin; Sheila Simpson; Josie Devonport; Trevor Rutter

Ann Bettles; Pauline Newton; Hilary Brocklehurst; Ann Broady, Rita Hankey; unknown; unknown.

The one below appears to have been taken just a few years later of more or less the same pupils:

stretton school 1 renamed

Miss Griffith (possibly); Dave Beck; John Done; unknown; unknown

Ray Hawins; John Clayton; Sheila Simpson; Josie Devonport; Unknown Deakin; Trevor Rutter; John Heesom;

Ann Broady; Marjorie Kippax; Denis Jones; Eric Hamilton; Ann Bettles; Jean Brody

Thanks to Maurice Povey of this photograph below of Stretton School in 1948:

Stretton School, ca. 1948
Stretton School around 1948

?; William Spann; ?;  ?;  ?;   Simpson
Maurice Spann; ?;  Frankie Warburton; ?; Brian Merrill;  Harvey Deakin; ?; Mrs Henshall, Teacher
?;  Winnie Jones; Susan Brocklehurst; ?; ?;  Margaret Hill; ?; Hamilton
Phyllis Gresty; Brenda Princep; Dorothy Hamilton; Jean Brody; Shirley Mather; Kathleen Melling
Roy Heesom ; Maurice Povey;  Ian Hamilton ?; Kenneth Clarke.

Pam Gold (née Heesom) has sent in this photo below of the infant class taken around 1956 and has kindly provided most of the names too:

Infants class56_57
Infants class 1956-57

Elaine Whitfield; Anne Wilson; Vera Pearson; Christine Marshall; Susan Holland; Carol Walton; unknown; unknown; unknown; Jean Broadbent; Pam Heesom; Ruth Baines

Row behind left to right: Unknown; unknown; Don Brocklehurst; Peter Hughes; James Barber; Colin Savage; Colin Barton

Two at the top: Unknown; Peter Bradshaw

Thanks to Richard Barber for sending over these photos. He thinks that the top one is probably around 1960 and the ones below are two or three years earlier. Richard recalls that Mr Lynch was the headteacher with Mrs Carter and Mrs Davies his other teachers.

Richard mentions Susan Cartwright, Julia Whitfield, Joan Bettles, Linda Bradshaw? Christopher Quennell

Peter Hughes has kindly supplied the photograph below from 1958. It is the same year group as the one above:

September 1958
September 1958

Front Row L-RElaine Whitfield; Ann Wilson; Vera Pearson; Christine Marshall; Susan Holland; Carol Walton; Linda Rutter; Kathleen Mooney; Pat Leach; Stella Lamb; Jean Broadbent; Pamela Heesom; Ruth Baines

Second row L-R: John Seddon; Graham Lamb; Don Brocklehurst; Peter Hughes; James Barber; Colin ? (Savage); Trevor Barton

Back: Chris Kinder; Peter Bradshaw

This photograph below is taken a few years later in the school library of Ruth Baines, Pam Heesom and Jane Smettem:

Library Jane Smettam, Ruth Baines,Pam Heesom

The photograph below was taken in July 1962 and show the headmaster’s class. Stretton School 6207

At Front: Barry Holland

Seated – first row:  Susan Monaghan; Peter Bradshaw; Trevor Barton; Mr K.P. Somerset (Headmaster); Tony Kinder; Michael Rogers; Ruth Baines

Standing – second row: Susan Holland; James Barber; Gaynor Haddock; John Darbyshire; Stephen Harrison; Elaine Whitfield; Philip Dunbabbin; Jane Smettem; John Foster; Barbara Somerset; Chris Kinder; Wayne Isherwood; Pam Heesom; Peter Monaghan; Ann Wilson

At rear – third row: Pat Leach; Peter Hughes (who kindly supplied the photograph and all the names); Don Brocklehurst; Peter Chadwick; Carol Walton.

The final photo was taken around 1962. Thanks to Susan Tosh below we now have many of the names, so if you think you recognise anyone else, please do get in touch:

School Photo 1962
School Photo 1962

Top Row:  Gillian Pratt; Margaret Blackshaw; not sure;  Robert Smettem; not sure; Michelle Butterworth, not sure

Middle Row: Alan Phoenix;  Jane Cartwright; Ann Kimber; Anthony Stock

Front Row: Paul Mather; Veronica Kinder; Adele Rawlinson (thanks to Jane Bailey below); Mrs Lawrence (teacher); Jane Owen; Linda Haddock;  not sure.

Heather (nee Heesom) has kindly supplied two photographs from 1966:

stretton school 5 1966

Back row: not sure; Ross Parkin; Karen Smith; Charlene Quenell; Caroline Fowles; Terry Platt; Ian Scragg

Middle Row: Richard Yelland; Jane Scragg;  Christine Sharrock; Gillian Peat; Julia Simpson; Andrew Barber

Front Row: Martin Seabrook; Christine Haddock; Alison Green; Dianne Harrison; Mrs. Dundy; Heather Heesom;  Rachael Blackshaw; Liz Blackshaw; David Lomas;

In front: John Fleming

The photo below was also dated 1966:

stretton school 1966

Heather Heesom; Karen Smith; Caroline Fowles; Alisa Green

20 thoughts on “School Photographs”

      1. Hi Michael, his parents were Arthur Vernon and Elizabeth Taylor. From records, I believe he was born on 21 August 1910 at Appleton Thorn. His uncle was also called Gilbert Vernon, but he died in 1916. Hope this helps, Clare

      2. The children were George b 1904 Florence 1906 -1998 Arthur 1910 Gilbert 1912-1998 Mabel 1914-2007 Cyril1918-1998 (my dad).

  1. Any other photos around my aunt Florence uncle George uncle Arthur dad Cyril ant Mabel all attended the school

  2. The School Photo of1962.The top row names of most pupils are:Gillian Pratt,Margaret Blackshaw
    No 3 not sure,4 Robert Smetham,5 not sure,6 Michelle Butterworth,7 not sure,8 not sure,9 Jane Cartwright,10,Ann Kimber,11 Anthony Stock,12,paul Mather,13Veronica Kinder 14 not sure,Mrs Lawrence(teacher),15,Jane Owen,16Linda Haddock,17 not sure.My sister Jane Cartwright who lives in France gave me the info and she might well remember the rest in due course.We are both daughters of Jim and Amy Cartwright from Dorothy Farm where my brother Michael still lives.I have found the site interesting and also seen myself and an Aunt on one of the walking Day pics. Also,the picture of the Rose Queen in thesixties has my sister Jane as bearer,Queen was Adele Rawlinson,Girl in front Susan Blackshaw and one behind Elizabeth Blackshaw(Cousins).Lastly the picture of the Choir with Mr Pennell has my Elder brother James on it along with several lads whose name I know.that picture is approx taken in 1960 but I will verify.This is a very interesting site
    and I can relate to everything(nearly) on it from 1950 onwards.I only live in Appleton,so I well remember a lot. susan Tosh

  3. Hi Susan . It was really nice to see the pupils from my old school . I can remember the the day that was taken I think I have a copy somewhere

    Thank you for taking the time to look into our happy times in Stretton school

    Regards Anthony Stock

  4. Hi Clare,
    The school photo from around 1956 has the following children on it.
    front row left to right
    Elaine Whitfield,Anne Wilson,Vera Pearson,Christine Marshall,Susan Holland,Carol Walton,?,?,?,Jean Broadbent,Pam Heesom,Ruth Baines
    Row behing l to r
    ??Don Brocklehurst,Peter Hughes,James Barber,Colin Savage,Colin Barton
    Two at the top
    ? Peter Bradshaw

    ? = dont know

  5. The girl sat on the left of Mrs Lawrence in the 1962 school photo is Adele Rawlinson. I am just behind her Jane Cartwright.

  6. Both my uncle Ken Gleave and Aunt Lilian Gleave appear in the 1929 photo but not my mother Dorothy Gleave. Ken Gleave is also on the in 1935. Any information would be appreciated.

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