Extracts from roll book

In the Cheshire Archives in Chester are two school Roll Books which detail the day to day activities of the school in Stretton. One book contains details of the Boys School; the other, the Girls and Infants School.

Here are extracts from the handwritten books:

11 April 1866 Several of the elder girls absent. Mothers working in the fields.

11th January 1886: Reopened school on Monday morning. Attendance very poor.

16th January 1886 Many of the children still away on account of the severity of the weather.

29th January 1886: Gave an object lesson on Wednesday morning on the elephant. The Rev’d Dodd visited.

21 June 1887: Had a holiday today on account of it being Jubilee Day.

3 August 1887: Closed school today for two days on account of a jubilee treat that was given to children and parents.

7 July 1913: An extra emergency holiday was given today on the occasion of the King and Queen visiting Warrington. Sixty of the elder children were taken to Warrington in lorries provided by Mrs Lyon of Appleton Hall. And from a position set apart for them on Bank Quay Bridge were enabled to obtain a very good view of their majesties as they passed over. The children were well supplied with refreshments kindly given by Mrs. Lyon.

7 April 1915: All boys above the third standard and also some boys of the third standard are all presently away from school working on the farms. The ages of the boys range from nine years to 13 years.

10 March 1919: Only 40 children present this morning. Many children away suffering from influenza. Orders from the medical officer were received during the morning to close the school.

31 March 1919: Reopened school after being closed for three weeks.

8 July 1921: A lecture on alcohol was given to the upper classes today.

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