Hatton Lane

Until 1907 there were no houses along Hatton Lane, so the information below is reliant upon electoral registers up to 1974. All help with names and the order of the houses would be much appreciated – if you see something that’s not right or would just like to add names or dates do comment below for everyone to see get in touch on e-mail directly: clare.olver@gmail.com. Thanks to everyone who has taken the time, and it’s been a great help in updating the info.

Hatton Lane Postcard

Thanks to Peter Hughes who lived at Delamere, 24 Hatton Lane for sending this postcard which he mother bought from the Beehive Stores around the end of the 1950s/early 1960s.

In May 1957 the ground rents of  a large number of properties was put up for auction by the Appleton Estates Ltd, this was the land owned by Thomas Lyon.

February 2015 093 - Copy
Map accompanying the Sale of Ground Rents May 1957

In total the ground rents of nine properties was put up for auction along Hatton Lane: 

February 2015 094 - Copy
Lot 15 of the auction

Cat and Lion Garage (No 1, Council Houses)

Cat & Lion Garage taken in 1979 by Robin Marshall
Cat & Lion Garage taken in 1979 by Robin Marshall

The 1939 and 1945 electoral registers record John and Alice Walton as living at the house. John was a married 38 year old insurance inspector. The couple had two children and remained there past 1951: John, Alice and James P Walton. 1962: James P Walton and Eric Watkins.

1945: Harriet Whitehouse

2, Council Houses
The 1939 Register records Henry and Eleanor Maddock at the house with their two children Kathleen and James. Henry was a gardener born in 1883.

James and Isabella Pollitt and their family were recorded as living in Hatton Lane in the 1911 census but without giving the name of the property. They married in 1896 in Salford, and had moved to Stretton from Latchford around 1909. On the 24th August 1956 they celebrated their diamond wedding anniversary. They later moved to Ackers Lane, but were both buried at St. Matthews in the 1960s with Isabella having reached the age of 95.

The Shop
For many old-time residents, the newsagents was still thought of as the ‘new shop’, even though it was there for 50 years. In the 1950s the second village shop was across the road from the Beehive, on Tarporley Road. This shop was the newsagent/sweet shop, and according to some it sold better ice-cream than the Beehive.  The shop was run by Mr & Mrs Brown, who lived there with their sons Richard and Alan. It was the Browns who had the Hatton Lane shop built, and they moved the business there and ran it for some years until retiring, when Robert and Barbara Pearson took over. The were still there in 1971 but had moved on by 1974 when Eric & Dorothy Simmons took over. 

1, Roadside Cottages
The 1939 Register first records Frank and Alice Bostock living at Roadside Cottages. Frank was born at Primrose Hill, Stretton and died in 1946, after which Alice moved away. In 1951 Mary and James Bracegirdle were three, followed by John and Doris Holliday. In 1971 it was James, Nora and Carol Walton and by 1974: James, Nora and John Walton.

2, Roadside Cottages
The 1939 Register records John and Nellie Thomason in the cottages. John was a 39 year old farm worker whose parents farmed at Chapel House Farm in Whitley. He was married to Nellie and the couple had two daughters: Nora and Barbara. In 1974  John, Nellie (and Nora) were joined by their daughter Barbara (now Robinson). The couple later moved to Bower Crescent. John and Nellie both died in October 2000; John was aged 100 and Nellie 95. Their ashes are both interred in the graveyard at St. Matthews.

Hazledene, 3, Hatton Lane
Evelyn and Ernest Povey who ran the dairy in Latchford before returning to Stretton (see comments below by their son Maurice Povey). 1962-1974: Dennis and Phyliss Johnson

Sandstones, 4 Hatton Lane
1951 James, Eleanor and Jean Maddock; 1971 James, Alan and Alison Maddock

5, Hatton Lane
1940s: Elsie and Frank Merrill, grandparents of Meryl (see below in the comments). 1962: Leslie and Winifred Barton; 1974 Walter and Hilda Maddock

6, Hatton Lane
Geoffrey Gorst Melling died on 27 December 1963. He had farmed in Hatton with his parents, and was the brother of Margaret Alice who married Frank Blackshaw of New Farm

7 Hatton Lane
1962 – 1971: John and Hilda Mather. From 1974 Sarah Carman lived at No. 7 with her widowed daughter Winifred. Sarah was widowed at the young age of 44, and  previously lived in Moss Wood Hall Cottages along Stretton Road.  Sarah died in December 1977 aged 79 and is buried alongside her husband in the churchyard.

Avondale 14 Hatton Lane
1939: James Harrison

1962: Thomas and Alice Fryer; 1971 Alice Fryer

1971-4: George; Edna and Judith Garner

1939: Herbert Smith and family. 1974: Higginbottom

Lundy (Ulundi)
Built in 1932, by 1939 Roy M Pike and his wife Margaret were living at the house. Roy was born in 1907 and was a commercial tyre salesman. In 1945: Gerald and Eva Newton and in 1970 Robert Hewitt. The Povey family lived at Ulundi from 1970 to 72, it was then sold to Edward and Irene Firth who changed the house name to Lundy (see the comments below – thanks!)

Marlea, 20 Hatton Lane
From 1932 when the property was built until 1951  Herbert and Lillian Winders were living at Marlea. Herbert was born in 1899 and was working at clerk in the soap works. Thanks to Sheila’s comment below we know that Harry and Doris Foster moved to Marlea in 1960. From 1971 onwards Harry, Doris, Sylvia and John Foster.

Overton, 22 Hatton Lane
Between 1932 and 1951 Overton was occupied by George and Emily Gee. George Gee was a 45 year sign maker. From around 1960 George and Isabella Mounfield were in residence. Isabella (née Woodward) was born at Lower Hall, and George was related to the other George Mounfield who had run the Beehive Stores prior to Percy. George died in August 1961, but Isabella remained until her death in 1979 aged 77. They are both buried in the churchyard.

Delamere, 24 Hatton Lane
The 1939 Register records Eric and Janetta Leitch as living at Delamere, and it is likely that the family were the first to move in when the property was built in 1932. Eric Leitch was an assistant inspector of taxes. In 1956 the Ronald and Jean Hughes and family moved to Hatton Lane  where they remained until after 1975.

Golborne, 26 Hatton Lane
Built in 1931, by 1939 James and Florence Bennett were living at Golborne with their family. James was the managing director of a company making shirts. In 1951: Edwin and Doris Pennington; 1962: Richard and  Marion Gleave; 1971 Marion Gleave. Albert Weir who died Apr 1982 aged 71 and his wife in July 1990.

Pebbled Bungalow (Brithdir), Hatton Lane
Built in 1931, by 1939 Harriet Whitehouse, a widowed 81 year old.

Springfield, 32 Hatton Lane
1934: Thomas Woodward; 1939-1945: John and Phyllis Cawley; 1971-4 Eric, Amy, Joseph and Alice Etheridge

1974: Parkinson

Hill Crest, 36 Hatton Lane
Built in 1907, by 1920 Harold Wood was living here according to the electoral register of that year. Mary Louisa Davies died at Hill Crest on 13 February 1933.

The 1939 Register shows that Elsie Wood and her single son, Douglas, were living at Hill Crest at the start of the war, alongside Rose Hannah Lee, the district nurse.

Thanks to Christine Anderton below, we know that her grandparents, David and Ellen (Nellie) Holt, moved to Hillcrest from Reddish, Stockport. David and Nellie’s grand daughter, Hilary Parr, was born there on 23rd November 1943. At the time Mary McGregor, Ellen’s sister, was living at the house, as was Christine’s great grandmother Sarah McGregor who died at Hillcrest in 1944. David Holt died in 1947 at Hillcrest; Mary and Ellen then moved to Hayfield in Derbyshire. Also living at Hillcrest with Nellie and Mary was the district nurse.

In 1945 it was Lionel James and Elsie Wood.

1951: Margaret Dawes; Ellen Holt; Mary McGregor and Emma Reed

1971: George; Elizabeth; Raymond and Elizabeth Stephenson; 1974: Raymond and Elizabeth Stephenson, and their dog Teto. Raymond died May 1980 of 46, Hatton Lane. 

Sunnyside, 38 Hatton Lane
Thanks to Janet Patterson’s really helpful update below, we know that Sunnyside was built 1907 by Oswald Willett from the Post Office.  It looks like it was sold just as he was about to emigrate to British Columbia in 1911 to Penelope Whitley of Walls Pit House. The house was let to Clayton and Martha Barber, before being sold in 1932 to Albert Lyon. Albert was a printer salesman and lived alongside his wife Jessie, daughter Betty and son John. Betty married Reginald Buswell in 1940.  The Service Register of 1945 shows that Reginald Charles Buswell was living there alongside his wife Betty née Lyons. Reginald  and Betty Lyons later moved to Chester Road, Grappenhall with their children – see David Holloway’s comments below.

Shortly afterwards Arthur and Clara Barber moved in from Fir Tree Farm. The couple remained at Sunnyside until Clara’s death in 1968 when it was purchased by David and Patricia Cruikshank. In 1997 it was sold to John and Janet Patterson.

Windy Bank

History 2 - Resized
Windy Bank

Thanks to Mary Rowland’s comments below, we now know that Windy Bank was built in 1934-5, and this further confirmed by Lot 15 above. The Register of 1939 for Appleton show Harry and Zora Brocklehurst and in 1951 they were joined by Adelaide Willett. Zora (née Willett) and Adelaide were the daughters of Albert Willett the village sexton. By 1962 Adelaide had moved away and just Harry and Zora remained. Harry died in 1963 and Zora in 1986 aged 90. Both are interred in the graveyard at St.Matthew’s.

Beech Hedge
The Electoral Registers of 1951 and 1962 for Appleton show George and Edith Dawson living at Beech Hedge, Hatton Lane.

27 thoughts on “Hatton Lane”

  1. Hillcrest, Hatton lane – I am not too sure when my Grandparents moved to Hillcrest from Reddish ,Stockport but my sister Hilary Parr was born there 23rd November 1943. My grandparents were David Holt and Ellen (Nellie) Holt, Mary McGregor was Ellen’s Sister. Also living there was my Great Grandmother Sarah McGregor, she died at Hillcrest in 1944. David Holt died in 1947 at Hillcrest. Mary and Ellen then moved to Hayfield in Derbyshire . Also living at Hillcrest with Grandma and Auntie Mary was the district nurse I expect one of the other names mentioned above.

  2. Fascinating – I found this page via a Google search for details of my maternal grandfather, Reginald Charles Buswell. So he was recorded at Sunnyside in 1945? That rings a bell – I seem to recall my grandmother called her bungalow that name in later life, and that would explain it!
    I can add that by the very early 80s – at least, that’s as early as I can remember! – he & Betty Lyons (my grandmother) were living at 209 Chester Road, Grappenhall. If anyone has memories of Reginald or Betty, please let me know. They both passed away over twenty years ago, alas. Their daughter Liz (b. 1948) – my mother – now lives in Little Neston on the Wirral; I’ve ended up in Oregon USA.

  3. Windy Bank on Hatton Lane was built by my great aunt and uncle – Zoe ( she was christened Zorah as the vicar would not allow her to be named Zoe, but was never called Zorah ) and Harry Brocklehurst. I have the original quote and payment receipts from William Moore’s,Building contractor from Higher Whitley. The original house ( it’s since been extended ) was built in 1934-5 at a cost of 485 pounds and 10 shillings. The greenhouse cost 37 pounds. I remember staying there in the ’60’s and ’70’s and making a den under the monkey puzzle tree in the side garden.

    1. We now live in Windy Bank, having done so since November 1996. The previous owners extended the property, so the garden is probably much smaller than remembered by Mary. Also, the poor old monkey puzzle died and had to be felled. We love living in Windy Bank and indeed Stretton. We arrived here from the midlands (me – Jayne) and South Wales (Phil) via Swansea, Cornwall and London, we like it here best of all !

  4. Hi there, would any one be able to help with information regarding the stephenson family who lived in hatton lane in 1971 , this would be mush appreciated as I am putting together a family tree .

    1. I remember Mr and Mrs Stephenson and their dalmatian dog, can’t remember it’s name now,. Not much help for your family tree but they were lovely people, mum always stopped for a chat when went for a walk to the pit. Dogs name Teto

  5. Does any body remember Deborah and Robert Wade of Hatton Lane in Stretton .Robert’s Father was a farmer. Debs had a daughter called Rebecca,and her mum lived in a caravan in the back garden. She also had a goat,and as a child I remember trying to take it for a walk.LoL.

  6. My grandparents Elsie and Frank Merrill lived on Hatton Lane I think it was number 5 ( I think it was called Bovey) not sure of the years but my mum was born in 1941 and she was the youngest of 3. My Grandma was taken to a maternity home in Gappenhall on the back of Brocklehursts farm Cart .Does anyone remember them?

    1. I lived at Hazledene 3 Hatton lane in the 1940s next door but one to the Merrills and grew up with your mum Betty, Brenda,and Brian. I knew all the people mentioned in Hatton lane/Bower Cresc in the above posts and attended Stretton school although i don’t appear on any of the school photos for some strange reason.

  7. Hi my Aunty Evelyn and Ernest Povey also lived on Hatton Lane and also my Aunty Ann Bettles I am familiar with the surname of Merril , I wonder if you can help me to, do with your grandads in WW2 i am doing some research for Daresbury Heritage Society Men of Hatton In WW2.
    Regards Heather.

      1. Yes, my mum and dad Evelyn and Ernest Povey did run the dairy in Latchford, I think in the 1930s before moving back to Hatton.

      2. My great grandfather Ernest Shaw worked there. Is it where the chemist is in Latchford Village now. Would love to chat more about this xx

  8. Came across this website purely by chance and it brought back happy memories I grew up in Goose Lane Hatton but walked every day to Stretton to catch the bus to Warrington I remember Pear Tree House Hatton Lane in the 1960’s occupied by the Bettles Mr &Mrs Daughters Ann and Joan and Sons Bill (named after his father) and David Bill I remember moved to South Africa Inalso remember Robert Wade he went to Daresbury School as a child he lived in Hatton before marrying Debbie and having the famous daughter Rebecca .

  9. I’m afraid i can’t offer any more info about the dairy in Latchford as my parents lived there before i was born but often heard them talk about the hard times scraping a living selling the milk.

  10. I lived at Ulundi from 1970 to 72, it was then sold to the Firths who changed the name to Lundy which explains any confusion about the house name.

  11. Hi Clare, Could i just add some clarity to the numbering of Hatton Lane, which was in two parts -namely Hatton Lane STRETTON – which started from the Cat&Lion and went as far as the pond opposite the farm, the last house being Beech Hedges. It then changed to Hatton Lane HATTON.
    After that point the houses were numbered – number 1 being next to Pear Tree Farm (owned by the Bettles family) and then ascending in the direction of Stretton ( I lived at no 3) and stopped at number 14 called Avondale, (my uncle James & Ivy Harrison). Next was a detached house “Lynton” occupied by the Smiths, followed by a bungalow built by retired farmer Roger & Ruth Hough, There was a parcel of undeveloped land next to them, and then house numbers started again from no 2 to 7 (that was the start of Hatton Lane STRETTON). Most of the houses in Hatton Lane Stretton had names rather than numbers (as mentioned in previous posts).

    At the start of this history of Hatton Lane it reads as if the house numbers are following on from Roadside Cottages but in actual fact, as I’ve explained, Hatton Lane split between Stretton and Hatton itself. Hazeldene (3 Hatton Lane) was in Hatton, some distance away from Roadside Cottages in Stretton. It’s easy to see how some confusion has arisen, as it’s difficult to appreciate the geography unless you know the area well. Hopes this helps to clarify.

  12. Sunnyside, 38 Hatton Lane was built between 1907 and 1911 by Oswald Willett, who ran the post office, but was sold to Penelope Whitley (daughter of Charles and Amey Whitley of Walls Pit House) in 1911.
    She let the house, and only sold it in 1932 to Albert Lyons.
    Arthur Barber Hough purchased Sunnyside in 1945, and it was sold to David Cruikshank in 1968 after the death of Clara Hough.
    In 1997 it was purchased by us, John and Janet Patterson. It is a lovely family house – our children both went to St Matthew’s Primary School, and we now enjoy the fact that there are so many lovely walks from our front door.

  13. Hi,

    I came across this page while looking for the history of Hatton Lane and our house, which me and my partner bought a few years ago, after moving from Northenden, South Manchester. We are at Number 34.
    Our house is a lot newer than most on the lane but we were wondering how it came about to be built between. We seem to think land was sold by 32 & 36 Hatton lane but any information would be appreciated as it’s fascinating learning about the history of the area.
    Many thanks in advance.

    1. Hi – We live at 44 and your house certainly wasn’t there when we moved here in November 1996. I think the land belonged to no 36, but Janet (@38) may remember/know more than me (Jayne) ?

  14. We have recently moved in Pear Tree House and would to love any history if anyone knows anything. Apparently, the original part of the house was late 1800s but I have no idea if that’s true 🙂

  15. Windy Bank. We were the owners of the property from 1984 – 1996 and we extended the property to the rear and side. We bought from the Brocklehurst estate. The house had been vacant for some time, the garden was over grown and I have memories of trying to tame viscous brambles at the rear of the property before the building works began. Sad to hear the monkey puzzle died. We now live in the Cotswolds, having spent the intervening years in London, our current garden has a mature monkey puzzle tree! We remember our years in Stretton with great fondness

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