Lower Stretton

This used to be the village centre with the manor house and church. The church of St. Saviours was in Well Lane, and closely connected to Stretton Hall and Nether Hall.  From the reign of Henry II, until 1744 Stretton belonged to the Starkey family, living at Stretton Hall (Over Hall) and Lower Hall (Nether Hall). Upon the death of the last male heir in 1744, the manor passed to Thomas Coppock, the Renwicks and then to Thomas Lyon of Appleton Hall.

Stretton has always been a village of two halves – back in 1863, it was stated as such with two villages called upper and lower. The M56 motorway which now splits the village in two was only constructed in the 1970s. The following buildings are all south of the motorway. These buildings and their  occupants are described below using the census returns 1841-1911 and the electoral registers:

Northwich Road

Common Lane

Well Lane

Tarporley Road (south of the M56)

Stretton Hall

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